The Adaikalamatha Matha Annai Educational and Charitable Trust, founded by Late Rev.Fr.V.Antony Samy P.P.M.A.BT, in the year 15th September 1999 at Kulithalai.

The name of the trust shall be ADAIKALA MATHA ANNAI EDUCATIONAL TRUST and its office shall be situated at 278 L, Anna nagar, Kulithalai, Karur-Dt, Tamil Nadu, India. and / or such other place or places as the trustees may decide from time to time.

The Trust shall be a public charitable trust and the charitable purpose shall be only those which are so regarded for the purpose of relief under sec.80G and for excmption from Indian Income Tax Act 1961.




  • To establish any institution for the education and conservation activities involving students public/private/government institutions and general public in India irrespective of caste, colour, religion and sex.
  • To plan, organize and conduct experience based awareness and educational programmes for national and international community on Indian culture.
  • To conduct general awareness programs on wildlife conservation and use of renewable energy sources among students, institutions general public and policy makers using suitable media and multimedia presentations.
  • To conduct research, survey and monitoring activities to conserve rare and endangered wildlife in target areas.
  • To establish a centre for children so as to acquit then with pet animals and create love for animals and plants in young minds.
  • To establish a rehabilitation centre for disabled animals and relish them in suitable environment.
  • To involve in the production of Hydrogen as renewable fuel by developing technology for storage and transportation of Hydrogen for generation power in rural areas.
  • To provide projects guidance for academic students in areas related to nature conservation and renewable sources.
  • To write, publish books, newsletter and articles on activities of School of Nature conservation.
  • To give monitory aid or otherwise provide aid in kind or otherwise to schools or other institutions imparting education and training on nature conservation and to award directly or through such institutions scholarships, rewards and endowments and to the like and to provide necessary assistance to deserving persons to devote themselves to their study on nature conservation.
  • To denote and render assistance financial or otherwise to any charitable institution or organization having objects similar to those of this trust.
  • To do such act of public charity not involving the carrying on any activity for profit as may deemed fit and necessary by the trustees.
  • Notwithstanding the powers vested with the trustees by this deed no part of the trust shall ensure directly or indirectly and no part of the income from the property of the trust shall be used or applied directly or indirectly for the personal benefit of the Founder or trustless or any person who makes a substantial contribution to the trust or any relative of the trustless or such other person. For the purpose of this clause the term “Relative” shall carry the same meaning as defined in sec.3 of the income tax Act.
  • The objects of the trust shall be for the benefit of all members of the society irrespective of creed, caste, colour, religion of sex.
  • The trust shall not carry on any activity with an intention to earn profit.
  • The trust shall not carry on any activity outside India.